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Practice with focus and strength while becoming one with your breath. As you become one with your breath you will strengthen your rest & digest system while increasing your energy levels.

Group Strength

This class is quick and to the point.
It is 30 minutes of strength training exercises designed to 
maximize your functional strength and rev up your metabolism.
Ideal for all fitness levels and those who have limited time.  

Group Stretch

This class starts with a gentle, standing, warm up. It then takes you through some mobility exercises, some standing stretches utilizing the wall, then down to your mat to work with a stability ball and finally to the floor on your mat to continue stretching all the chronically tight areas we all have.  At the completion you will feel more limber and energized

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Zumba classes feature exotic rhythms set to high energy Latin and international beats.  We dance, we get fit and our energy soars!

Yoga Fitness

This Yoga class combines challenging conditioning work with strength and flexibility to create a total-body workout.  This class will increase overall health, energy, vitality, create a stronger and leaner body, reduce stress, better posture, improve concentration and increase your level of fitness. 

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