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6 Week Slim Down

Work on habits that can last with you for the rest of your life! These habits will help you continue to lose weight and feel great. Plus you can learn how to incorporate cheat meals into your diet so you can enjoy pizza night with the family or a night out with girlfriends and then get back on track!

  • Each week we work on a new habit: Sugar, Water, Protein, Fiber, Fat and Carbohydrates

  • 1 Group coaching lesson per week in a Private Facebook Group

  • Food: 3 meal plans to follow plus weekly bonus recipes​

  • 1 Weekly Exercise Video

    • Stretching

    • Gentle Yoga

    • Core

    • Core and Glutes

    • Pilates 

    • Power Yoga

  • Accountability: 

    • Log daily food, mood, water and exercise for review

  • Review Sensitivities and Foods that cause inflammation

    • Hair analysis to find food sensitivities, non-food sensitivities, metal toxicity that may be causing inflammations and weight gain

    • Hair analysis for vitamin/mineral deficiencies that may be causing a slowed metabolism

    • 1 -one on one coaching call to go over hair analysis and to check with progress

  • Extras: 

    • Food timing

    • Emotional eating

    • Sleep

    • Toxins

    • Essential oils for weight loss

    • Supplements for weight loss


Our next 6 Week Slim Down Group Program will begin Fall 2021!


Cost is $297 (payment plans available) 

CLICK HERE for more information and to book a call to see if this program is for you! 

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