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Yoga with Jeff

This Hatha based practice with bring about greater focus and strength while becoming one with your breath. Poses are held for 3 to 5 slow controlled breathes before moving on to the next pose.  As you become one with your breath you will strengthen your rest & digest system while increasing your energy levels.

Yoga with Tricia
This Yoga class combines challenging conditioning work with strength and flexibility to create a total-body workout. This class will increase overall health, energy, vitality, create a stronger and leaner body, reduce stress, better posture, improve concentration and increase your level of fitness.
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Zenergy Flow with Jeff
This class incorporates slow, gentle movements designed to help you gather & collect Energy for the purposes of aiding your overall energy and immune functioning. Movements done slowly without raising heart rate & respiration rate (working in) will add energy to your system in comparison to working out with weights or on cardio machines where more energy is used up than created. Class will begin with some mobility movements to limber up, then some Energy Medicine Exercises will be done to boost your overall energy and then a slow gentle movement will be done for approximately 3 minutes. A class will offer 6 different movements. With each movement intentions can be set as to how you would like to gather energy and for what purpose. The class will close with a guided meditation.

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