Energy Medicine Sessions
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Energy Medicine sessions: Book an in person session in which you will lie and relax on a massage table (think Reiki) to have Jeff assess your current energy state and then he will work to help you boost your energy flow, release stress & stagnation of the mind and body as well as open up your heart energy. If needed you will be given some energy techniques you can use to manage your own energy state, post session. 

EFT sessions (Emotional Freedom Technique): Book an, online or in person session with Jeff  in which you will be guided through a "tapping" session to help you release trauma, pain, worry, anxiety, grief and more. "Tapping" involves tapping on meridian points on the body while being cued to speak reminder phrases to help you release poor energy patterns which often linger unbeknownst. When these patterns are interrupted you often experience relief, increased energy and more joy!