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Energy Medicine
Release trauma, pain, worry, fear, anger, grief and more.
So, your body can naturally heal and thrive!

Emotion/Body Code Session(s)

available online (vast availability) or in person (limited availability)


Book a FREE discovery call by clicking HERE 

Your discovery call will be approximately 15 minutes long.  In the call Jeff will explain how the method works to release imbalanced energies, discover if you have a heart wall, and help you to release a trapped emotion.  When imbalanced energies are released, your body frees up resources and energies to naturally heal itself. 

Click HERE to watch a video describing Body Codes Sessions


See in the image below 6 main benefits you could experience...... 











Session Length: 45 to 50 minutes

Session fees as follows....

Single session = $80 (tax included)

3 session = $210 (tax included) {70 / session} ** (to be used in 60 days)

5 sessions = $300 (tax included) {60 / session} ** (to be used in 90 days)

6  Benefits of The Body Code.jpg

Energy Tune Ups:


Inviting scattered energies to come back to a state of harmony so you can enjoy the benefits of....


  • Vibrant Energy Flow

  • A Clear Mind

  • Feeling Peaceful

  • Expressing Creativity

  • Living with an attitude of Gratitude

       Session length: 60 to 70 minutes

      Session fee $80 (tax included)    

Add $20 travel fee for me to come to your location, within Greater Napanee.

If further away the travel fee will be negotiated.


Click HERE to Email me about setting up a FREE, 15 minute, discovery call.

In the call Jeff will explain what a session might involve.

energy medicine hands.jpg

E.F.T. sessions (Emotional Freedom Technique):

EFT Tapping works to rewire the brain to bring both body and mind back into balance.  Find relief from long lasting trauma, pain, grief and more....

Session length 45 to 50 minutes

Session fees...

single session = $70 (tax included) 

3 sessions = $120 (tax included) {60 / session} **

5 sessions =  $250 (tax included) {50 / session} **

Book an, online or in person session with Jeff  in which you will be guided through a "tapping" session to help you release trauma, pain, worry, anxiety, grief and more. "Tapping" involves tapping on meridian points on the body while being cued to speak reminder phrases to help you release poor energy patterns which often linger unbeknownst. When these patterns are interrupted you often experience relief, increased energy and more joy!


Click HERE to email me about setting up a FREE, 15 minute, discovery call.

In the call Jeff will help you to discover your emotional needs to be "tapped" on and recommend the best way forward.

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