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2022: Aim with Intention

What is intention you ask?

Well, intention is often defined as an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result. Or in my words ... "what you are aiming at achieving?"

Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention. Whether you decide to wiggle your toes, purchase something, set a goal or live out a dream; they all start with intention.

The level of your success towards a set intention is based on...

  • your passion / desire for the result

  • your degree of clarity (clear focused aim)

  • your intensity of belief (success is magnified by belief not doubt)

  • your ongoing consistency (conditioning a new habit)

  • your receptivity (readiness & willingness)

Success follows, well aimed, intentions.

Here are some steps to improve your aim...

Get clear on what you want

Get clear on why you want it

Trust in your abilities to achieve it

Accept all obstacles

Celebrate all successes

Be open to help and coaching

Condition your energies to support your success

Click HERE to view how the the Zip Up, an energy medicine exercise designed to increase your confidence and positivity can be coupled with your intentions. By adding an "I am...." statement, specific to your intention, to the Zip Up you will magnify the power of your intentions! (example "I am grateful for my successful weight loss.")

With Blessing on your journey


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