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Allergy Relief

It has started! Allergies!

Runny eyes, stuffed up nose, headaches, general fatigue.

I know a lot of my clients don't like to use allergy meds, your body has to detox those meds all the time, your poor liver.

Trying some all natural relief could help get some allergy relief and also give your liver a break.

Gut Heath - a large percentage of our immune system is located in our gut! Good gut health = less allergy response. You could do a hair analysis test with Zeal to see what food are causing issues, it will also test to see if you are lacking any good bacteria, plus any nutrient deficiencies to make sure your immune health is at it's best. You can also get a probiotic, here is my favourite:

Low Histamine Metabolism - as we age we are less able to process histamine. Ways to reduce our histamine response it to only eat fresh foods. No aged cheeses, no alcohol, no leftovers, no fermented food. Just keep that in mind to keep your histamine response low.

Choose natural allergy relief products like St. Francis Herb Farm Allergy Relief, Zinc, Vitamin C and Nasal Spray. Check out my Allergy Relief Protocol here:

Send me us a message to book your Hair Analysis or to book an appointment to talk about your next steps and supplements to get the allergy relief you need!

Book you Hair Analysis Here:

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Tricia Cammaart

Eat, Heal, Thrive

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