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Clear Your Home's Energy

Just as your bodies energy systems can become stagnant so too can the energies flowing in and around the spaces you live and work in.

If you find your home or workplace feels a little "off" you are likely onto something. When a space is filled with negativity or pessimism often those energies can linger and dampen the flow of energy around and within a space if not moved. And when this is the case your personal energies can be negatively affected if you are not energetically strong enough or aware of the energies around you.

To move stagnant energies out of your home you could use some energetic gestures and an intention of moving the energies out and drawing new energies in. You could also "smudge" the area. The smoke from smoldering Cedar and Sage are often used to clear spaces.

Often when a home is "Energetically Cleaned" the occupants find more peace, camaraderie, creativity and joy.

If you wish to have your home "Energetically Cleaned" I can be hired to come to your place and do a cleaning ritual.

Love & Light

~ Jeff ~

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