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Energy Medicine for Detoxing

Do you ever feel like you need to clean "house"? The "house" being yourself.

In the Spring we often have a natural inclination to clean and detoxify things. Those things are often our indoor living space (home), our outdoor landscapes, our physical body and some of you may even recognize the value in cleaning out your energetic body.

Whatever "house" cleaning you begin this Spring remember two very important detoxifiers are, in my opinion, Water and Air!

Whether you are washing your car or your body, internally or externally, you will need water to do so. Every cell in our bodies requires water to have the opportunity to function at its optimum and ease of energy flow, so be sure you are well hydrated at all times. The best solution to pollution is dilution.

As per Air, note every cell within our bodies requires oxygen to function at its best. Externally Air offers drying, flowing and minimization of mold growth. Internally Air, preferably in the form of slow deep belly breathing, will help to move toxins through your lymph system, reduce inflammation and alkalize your blood for the benefit of purifying yourself.

In our homes we may wash windows, reorganize drawers, dust cobwebs and open windows to let fresh air move into our living areas. In terms of Energy within your living space you may want to flush stagnant old energies away via Energy clearing or smudging and de-clutter your space to allow more flow. I can do Energy clearing and smudging in your space. Contact me if you should wish so.

Outdoors we may begin cleaning up from Winter's debris, rake lawns, trim vegetation and plant seeds & bulbs. From an energy perspective you may wish to offer blessings and prayers for your habitat to be blessed with nurturing and healing energies.

For your physical body you may look to do a detox, for a short time frame, by eliminating irritating foods, vastly reducing sugar intake and minimizing the consumption of heavy foods. When you reduce the burden of digestion your body tends to have more resources for rejuvenation! Tricia is well versed in leading folks through detoxification for the body through nutrition. Contact here if you need help.

Our Liver is the main detoxifier and works hard to filter and remove all that is not beneficial to our systems. The Livers effectiveness in detoxifying will be based on its health and the balance and vitality of its energy flow. The Liver meridian nourishes the Liver.

In terms of Energy Medicine you can use a "Flush & Flow" of your Liver meridian to help clean out stagnation and then restore a strong energy flow through the Liver meridian. To "Flush & Flow" the liver meridian you will trace the meridian backwards once and then forewords three times. Click HERE to view my video on "Flush & Flow" of the Liver meridian.

May your Spring cleaning (whatever time of year it is) be energizing to you.

Love & Light

~ Jeff ~

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