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Gluten free Groceries 🍝

One of my clients just got back her hair analysis results (hair analysis tests for food sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies) - the verdict is in.... she definitely has a sensitivity to gluten. 😔

But today there are tons of gluten free options and kudos to my client she is onboard to try those options!

Here is a video of me in my local grocery store (in a small town as well!), finding some great gluten foods and snacks!

First on my tour is corn chips! I love this for a little crunchy salty snack! Make sure you read the ingredients, some chips are made with wheat flour. Get the ones made with corn flour!

Dark chocolate is often gluten free. Again read the ingredients to make sure! This is a staple in our house. I eat the squares, bake with it, melt it and dip dates in it an use it to make hot chocolate!

Oats are gluten free so a great snack to have. Some oats are processed in the same facility as wheat products so there could be some cross contamination.

Anything Paleo is usually gluten free and grain free. You can get paleo pancake mixes, muffin mixes and bread mixes, as well as paleo flours like almond and coconut.

Quinoa flour is also a great gluten free flour to use. Has a bit of a nutty taste, great with cookies like peanut butter or chocolate chip.

For some sweet snacks, Jeff, will often buy these Quinoa Crisps, not too sweet and a nice crunch. The kids love the Made Good Bars, Balls and Cookies.

We cannot forget our staples that we love like pasta and bread! We love this GoGo Quinoa pasta. A combination of rice and quinoa. You can also get bean pastas as well. Lot's of gluten free bread options. I always go for a whole grain option so we have a variety of grains available to us!

Gluten free doesn't have to be hard! Keep an open mind. Try one thing at a time and find the delicious food that you love so it can be sustainable for you!

Send a message to learn more about doing a hair analysis test!

Eat, Heal, Thrive


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