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Medicine for Health & Vitality

Medicine is the art or science of restoring, maintaining or preserving health & vitality!

In every moment of every day we are healing ourselves. We are in a constant state of healing and regeneration. As you might know our bodies are replacing cells regularly and our body is therefore constantly rejuvenating or rebuilding itself. For example the outer layer of your skin replaces itself every 35 days, your skeleton every 3 months and your brain every 2 months to name a few. What a miracle!

As we live our lives we experience many different stressors throughout or daily lives. These stressors diminish the healing and regenerative processes of our bodies because we are thrown out of homeostasis. Consider this example regarding ulcers and healing; Our stomach lining replaces itself every 3 to 4 days because without doing so the stomach acids would dissolve the lining. The pain experienced in an ulcer is when the stomach acids burn through the lining quicker than they are replaced. Ouch, not so nice. In this ulcer example we can see how the bodies natural healing processes are not happening quick enough. This diminished healing can be directly attributed to the amounts and levels of stress one is experiencing. But with proper medicines the healing processes could return to normal and resolve the ulcer.

So what medicine is best? I guess the best medicines would be those which aid in the supporting, maintaining and restoring of health & vitality with the least stress involved. In my opinion, natural medicines, such as nutritional, sleep, breath, movement, beauty, and energy, would be the best and likely offer the quickest results. Of these mentioned I believe the medicine of Energy would be the most effective because of the fact that everything is made of energy.

When your energies are flowing unhindered in their greatest capacities they are supporting your healing processes and will enhance the effectiveness of the other mentioned medicines. The goal in energy medicine is to move, unblock or balance one's energy systems and teach some tools to condition one's energy systems to stay flowing and balanced or return to balance with more ease and haste.

Some examples of Energy Medicine modalities include: Acupuncture, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.), Homeopathic Remedies, Chakra Balancing, Ayurvedic medicine, Crystal therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Sound & Colour Therapies, Reflexology, and Magnetic Field Therapy to name a few.

I offer Energy Medicine sessions and E.F.T. sessions to aid clients in restoring the maximum potential of their natural healing prowess. My Energy sessions may include tuning forks (sound), Reiki, Healing Touch, Magnetic and Light Therapy to name a few.

Click HERE to view a short video, from my YouTube page, of my energy Medicine practice available to you. While you are there you may want to subscribe to get my latest Energy Medicine Exercise videos as they become available.

Click HERE to visit our webpage and learn more details about Energy Medicine. From their you can email me If you wish to book an Energy Medicine session or E.F.T. session. I would be honoured to work with you!

Love & Light

~ Jeff ~

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