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Optimize Your Sleep...

When you get a good quality sleep each night you are setting yourself up for optimal healing and rejuvenation.

What is quality sleep?

Quality sleep includes sleeping soundly and uninterrupted through the night through 4 to 6 full sleep cycles. Sleep cycles average about 90 minutes. For example 4 cycles would equal 6 hours and 5 cycles would be 7.5 hours.

Upon waking your sleep hormones reduce and then naturally begin to increase as night ensues prepping your body and mind for sleep. This is essentially your circadian rhythm in which your serotonin and melatonin levels are peaking so you can get off to sleep easily. Finding your ideal time to head to bed is helpful. This is known as your sleep gate when those mentioned hormones are peaking. If you get too far past the sleep gate your odds of falling to sleep diminish and you may miss out on the physical benefits sleep offers your body. The first four hours into sleep (when you hit your sleep gate, typically 10:00 p.m.) are dedicated to rebuilding cellular tissues. The second four hours (roughly 2:00 a.m.) are dedicated to rejuvenating your mind and consolidating memories.

How to set up for Quality Sleep?

  • Have a regular set time to head to bed nightly.

  • Mind the timing of stimulants which may disrupt sleep (caffeine & alcohol)

  • Minimize bright light exposure in the evenings (disrupts sleep hormones)

  • Stay well hydrated all day long

  • Minimize your reactions to stressors

  • Get exposure to sunlight and nature to help sync your circadian rhythm

  • Breathe calmly in through your nose as often as possible

  • Keep your room cool and dark

  • Move regularly daily

  • Calm your mind and thoughts as you set off to sleep (Energy Medicine)

Considering the last point on the bulleted list you could use the Crown Pull, energy medicine exercise, coupled with slow deep belly breathing while lying in bed to help set your body and mind into a state in which sleep is inevitable.

Click HERE to learn how to do the Crown Pull.

Getting regular quality sleep is amazing for your immunity, resiliency, creativity and physical recovery.

Sweet Dreams!


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