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Peace Be with You !!

Peace is a state of serenity and tranquility! Truly, a blissful state!

Isn't it grand to BE peaceful? I'd like to think your answer is YES!

Take a slow deep breath and a few quiet minutes to ponder how each of the following, Body, Mind, Emotion & Spirit, feels when you are in a peaceful state.

When you are in a state of Peace your Love, Compassion, Joy, Kindness, Gratitude and Respect all flow & blossom naturally. Individuals steeped in Peace find these experiences of positive emotions and actions to be a blessing to their personal health and as an extension they can readily and easily offer Loving vibes to those they encounter throughout their day.

BEING peaceful means you are aware of the Peacefulness within your body, mind, emotions and spirit. By choosing to BE peaceful and immersing yourself in the feelings and sensations of Peace your day is blissful. Beautiful, when you can stay there, right?

But of course life goes on and challenges appear on our path often. It is our reactions to these challenges which may pull us out of our Peaceful bliss. When we get pulled away from Peace how can we get back there? Consider P.E.A.C.E as your answer, in this regard....

Pause and take a slow deep inhale when you realize things are difficult

Exhale slowly and let your worries and shoulders sink down

Accept the challenge or situation for what it is and look for the good

Choose to return to and flood yourself with Peacefulness

Engage with life again proud to have overcome the challenge

With consistent practice you will begin to condition your Peacefulness into your essence and find you can return to Peace more easily with each challenge thrown your way.

Peace Be with You

~ Jeff ~

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