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Spleen Meridian - Your Power House

If you could boost your immunity and health by playing with your energy systems, would you?

If so, read on and be sure to watch the video, below, on how to trace your Spleen Meridian so you can maximize its health boosting benefits.

The Spleen Meridian governs the Spleen and Pancreas and has a Yin essence.

The Spleen Meridian has its peak flow from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. according to the Chinese Body Clock, with 21 acupuncture points along it.

Spleen Meridian aids in the function of...

  • the thymus gland,

  • lymph nodes,

  • bone marrow and

  • tonsils.

And Spleen Meridian oversees...

  • blood supply,

  • metabolism,

  • homeostasis,

  • production of antibodies, and

  • distribution of nourishment throughout the body.

Consider tracing you Spleen Meridian anytime of day when you feel "off" or "low". It can help to enhance your homeostasis and keep your immune system primed. You may benefit from multiple tracings.

To learn more about Energy Medicine or EFT sessions with me click HERE..

I would love to work with you to help you find more energy and vitality.

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Love & Light ~ Jeff

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