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Take a Slow, Deep Breath!


Well, most importantly, because Oxygen is the most significant nutrient humans require. Breath is the first act of life and without it life ends.

Slow Deep Breathes, taken in the nose, offer many benefits such as...

  • resetting homeostasis after a stress response

  • aids in removing toxins from the body

  • can improve circulation

  • supports releasing muscle tension

  • can help movement of lymph in your chest cavity

  • likely to boost your mood

  • elevates the energy flow through your body

  • promotes healing and rejuvenation

  • strengthens your respiratory system


Be tall and proud through your spine, Slowly draw breath in through your nose to fill your lungs from their bottom first then upwards to the top. Then peacefully exhale. Repeat as many times as you like and as often as needed / wanted. I like to take "breath breaks" during the day to bring about peacefulness.

If you wish to magnify the value of your deep breathing throughout your whole being, consider "stacking"...

  • Positive intentions

  • Envisioning Beautiful things

  • Conjuring an attitude of Gratitude

  • Being in the essence of Compassion

  • Believing in your Self Worth and Importance to the world

...during your slow deep breathes.

If you wish to learn a specialized breathing technique with some other beneficial qualities check out my video on the 4 x 4 Breath. Click HERE to view it.

I hope you will enjoy some "breath breaks" regularly throughout your day.

Love & Light


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