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Have you tried Yoga before?

Yoga is a wonderful practice to challenge your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The word Yoga has roots with the word Yoke which has a meaning of bringing things together or creating a union. This would refer to the potential union of body, mind and spirit within each Yoga pose (Asana). Meaning you can strive to find a sense of peace within each Yoga pose. The breath is a major key to succeeding here.

Yoga is beautiful because no matter what level of experience you have you can get a myriad of health and wellness benefits with each and every practice.

Yoga offers many benefits such as...

  • Strength increases

  • Improved Endurance

  • Bolstered Energy

  • Enhanced Balance

  • Resilience to Stressors

  • More Flexibility

  • Develop Muscle Tone

  • Peace of Mind

  • May improve Sleep Quality

  • Can improve Mood & Demeanor

You may consider some differences when choosing the Yoga you wish to take part in. Vinyasa is more of a flowing Yoga in which the movements or transitions follow the breath, Hatha tends to have you stay in a pose for a few breaths before transitioning, others such as Bikram and Ashtanga follow the same sequence of poses each practice, and Hot Yoga could be any form performed in a "Hot" space. Of course if you search you can easily find many many more variations.

If you are interested in starting, resuming or are open to working with new instructors you can consider joining Tricia & I in our online, on demand, Yoga classes offered via "The Yoga Channel" from our website. Learn more by clicking HERE.


~ Jeff ~

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